One of the main reasons to join CVECA is to join a playgroup. A playgroup is a small group of moms and their children who get together on a regular basis for play and interaction. It gives you a chance to meet, share experiences and learn from other parents-adding up to newfound friendships and a healthy, nurturing environment.

Why should I join a playgroup?
Playgroups are designed to connect new mothers with similar age children to create a small support system and resource within our organization. CVECA playgroups are organized according to child’s birthday (or due date),  and day and time preference. Our playgroups are a wonderful way to establish yourself with a small group of parents whose primary goal is to support one another through the challenges of parenting.

Getting together with other new moms — and dads — can give you a shoulder to cry on, a reality check about your parenting skills, and a group of people who are also totally obsessed with everything baby, toddler, preschooler and child.

Participation is the most important element for success!
Once formed, CVECA Playgroups run themselves. Moms meet at each other’s homes or in parks, cafes, typically for 1-2 hours. During this time, moms talk, feed babies, older children play together and learn invaluable social skills as they grow.

One thing successful playgroups all have in common is that they don’t wait for someone else to engage. We recommend setting up a consistent way to communicate and organize gatherings, a Facebook group or an email distribution list are great ways to do this. Some playgroups have a natural leader that takes charge to organize and other playgroups take a more egalitarian approach, rotating hosting responsibility each week.

 More reasons to join a playgroup:

  • It’s a chance to get out of the house, have adult conversations with other parents and at the same time let your child have fun, playing and interacting.
  • Your child has other friends to play with and new play experiences.
  • You can make friends and get a support network that could last a lifetime.
  • Your children can play in a safe space, which gives you peace of mind.
  • Your child will love that the toys at playgroup are different than those at home.
  • It gives your child an opportunity to develop motor, cognitive and social skills through play experiences.
  • It can make the transition from home to the school environment easier.

Interested in joining a playgroup?  Fill out our playgroup request form!